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Malabrigo Merino

I’m in love with this yarn. I know, I’m a yarn bigamist at this point, but whatever. This yarn would felt great, too, although I havn’t tried that yet. My first knitting adventure with this yarn was knitting the Central Park Hoodie (in the Olive colorway), and it’s turning out beautifully. I guess I initially got a little worried seeing how small the skeins looked when I got them, but it DOES have great yardage (215 yds) and turns into a decent size ball once you wind it. I haven’t had any issues with this yarn as of yet; it doesn’t break, it doesn’t split – it’s just wonderful!


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Rowan Tapestry

I’m completely in love. I’m working on Wicked with this yarn right now, in the Antique colorway – I LOVE it. Keep in mind this yarn is AWFUL to frog (I tried on my swatch), but I still love it. Self striping and all. It has a beautiful sheen, which I’m guessing is the soy in it – it’s a single ply wool/soy blend. I’m a fan!

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Debbie Bliss Aplaca Silk DK

This is almost worsted yarn, or at least very close. A dream to touch, and knit. It’s a bit fuzzy, but I’ve forgiven it for that because it’s so lovely. I’m using US 7 needles with this yarn, and it’s turning out pretty good.

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This is like knitting with butter – seriously! I could have mistaken the Aspen for cashmere – it’s THAT soft. Although, Flurries (beaded wool) is a little more coarse, it’s cosey, too. I’m knitting the Simple Knitted Bodice in Natural with this one… 🙂

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I cuddled with this yarn…a lot. It drapes beautifully, too. I knitted both the Simple Knitted Bodice and the Sahara with this yarn (in Morroccan Blue and Gloxinia, respectively), although I’ll probably rip up the bodice (turned out too big, but then I wasn’t trying it on as I knitted – beginner’s optimistic mistake, lesson learned). You get great stitch definition with this yarn and the yardage is one of the most generous out there when it comes to silk yarns.

Now, I was trying to save a buck (or many, in this case), by substituting Asteroid  (also beaded) for Rock Star, but I’ve now learned my substitution (yarn) lesson, too. This yarn was so much thicker than the Pure & Simple, that it only worked to use it for the purl rows. Beautiful yarn, though. Next time I can afford it, I’ll use Disco Lights (because of the yardage) instead.

Now, the only problem for me will be blocking it, since I don’t want to ruin the yarn (and I’ve never blocked before), I’m extra apprehensive about it (or getting it right, rather).

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Lana Grossa Royal Tweed

How awesome is this yarn! Super soft and easy to work with. Of course, I got a little worried when I saw how “squiggly” this yarn was, but it knits up beautifully with great stitch defenition. I knitted the Fitted Tunic with this yarn (in color 34, a mellow yellow), and it’s my favorite knit so far.

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Casade Magnum

This has got to be the fluffiest and softest yarn I’ve touched in a gauge this big. And all the colors! Super easy to knit with, but WILL break if you tug too hard on it (I did this several times). I initially got this in the darker brown, to make the Better Sweater, and I got some more yellow later on to make a chunky winter sweater – lovely. The sweater didn’t turn out as shapely as I would have liked (fitting), but that obviously has to do with my knitting and not the yarn. This has not been blocked yet either, so I’ll be back updating my reviews as I block the finished knits. 🙂

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