Cascade 220 Quattro

I got 10 skeins of this yarn at Knit Happens for $1 a piece, in the color Fiji (red/pink/beige mix) – what a steal (that’s 2 sweaters right there)!

So far, I’m almost done knitting Stefanie Japel’s Boatneck Bluebell with this yarn, and it’s gone fast. I was initially afraid this yarn might split because of its constuction (several different colored plies together), but it didn’t. It’s not the softest wool, but I could easily wear it on my skin without problems. My only complaint is the pink in this yarn, but at $1/sk, who cares?!

This will also be the first sweater I’ll be blocking (ever) and I’ll be able to review the EZ sew blocking board, too, at that point.

Now, keep in mind that I’m a fairly new knitter (or rediscovered, if you will), so I’m still a bit cluesless about how things SHOULD be when it comes to yarn and fibers. Meaning that, if it’s easy and nice for me to deal with, it has to be almost fool proof for the majority of knitters out there.


More yarn!

I have gone completely insane and aquired an insane amount of yarn. Well, maybe not, but I suspect it IS an insane amount for the normal person – unless you’re a yarn addict like me, and a yarn store like Webs is completely yarn porn to you. I will be putting up reviews as I knit with them…

Cascade 220 Quattro (color: Fiji) 10 skeins ($1 per sk at my LYS)

Drops/Garnstudio Inka (color 4) 28 balls total (got an insane dicount from Knitty Noddy – I LOVE Evelyn!!!)

Drops/Garnstudio Ull Flame (color 16) 14 balls ($2/ball on sale!!)

Drops Muskat (color 24 – I think) 13 balls – lovely cotton!

Filatura Di Crosa Brilla (color 127 or 414, I can’t tell) 12 balls

Du Store Alpakka Faerytale (colors 712, 715, 717) 5 balls ea color – can we say “shawl”? This is SO soft!

Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK (colors 1 – 15 balls, 4 – 10 balls, 7 – 8 balls, 8 – 2 balls, 9 – 1 ball) about 36 balls total (mostly black and orange), which was 70% off at Knit Happens – I LOVE this store!!! (I could possibly live there) So soft!

Debbie Bliss Pure Silk – 10 skeins in turqoise (on sale at Little Knits)! Can we say “heaven”?

Araucania Pomaire (colors 2 – 5 skeins, 10 – 8 skeins, and 11 – 10 skeins) Also 70% off at Knit Happens! Great cotton, feels great to the hand.

Araucania Nature Wool (colors Yellow and Turqoise)

Araucania Magallanes (colors 305 & 307) Coarse wool – don’t quite know what to do with this yet.

Rowan Tapestry (colors Antique, Rainbow, and Rust) 10 balls ea. Very soft to the touch indeed.

Valley Yarns Berkshire: colors Coffee Bean, Dark Teal, Wine, Red Purple, Turqoise, and Navy. Soft to touch

Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in Peat mix, Cranberry mix, and Blueberry mix, 6 skeins ea. Very soft to touch

Berroco Peruvia in Aquamarine, 8 skeins. Soft to touch

Cascade Pima Tencel in 9516 (dark blue?) 13 balls (for the dress in Fitted Knits). Very soft!

Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in beige (03) 10 skeins

Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL in Midnight Blue (3), Garnet (6), Pine Green (12), and Purple (14), 10 balls ea. Soft to the touch.

Cascade 220 in Burgundy (2401) and Yellow (7627), for my HP scarf and Quiddich sweater.

Cascade 220 Tweed in Evergreen (7602) and Navy (7630), 6 skeins ea.

Cascade Eco Wool Plus in various colors 2 skeins ea. – for the short-sleeve cardigan in Fitted Knits.

 I’m sure there’s more (or maybe not?), but I’ll add it once I realize what it is. I may have to come up with a softness scale or something, to describe the yarns accurately…stay tuned…


I couldn’t be more giddy right now…I just got a hold of some Drops Inka yarn, which is beeeeutiful! I’m planning on making a Fitted Tunic with what I have, but I might splurge on some more and try to make a long duster coat and a sweater for my mom. Yarn porn indeed….sigh. 

Drops Inka #4